UPDATE (12PM ON SEPTEMBER 24TH): The Islamic Council in WA, Rivervale (Tel:9362 2210) has announced that Monday 25th is the first of Ramadhan. However, the moon sighting doesn’t prove yet the crescent of Ramadan.

UPDATE (10:30pm ON SEPTEMBER 23RD): Crescent has NOT been sighted anywhere in Australia. Therefore, fasting will begin on Monday 25th (If you follow actual sightings of “Hilal”. Source:

If you follow calculations rather than actual sightings, then according to Perth Mosque and the Turkish Mosque, Ramadan for Perth this year will begin on Sunday Sept 24. Please check with your local mosque or organisation to see if it follows calculations or sightings. You can contact Perth Mosque here for updates on the situation. You can also check the moon sighting site here.

If you want more information about calculations vs. sightings please visit this link: Islam Online.net

If you need more general information on Ramadan in English please go here.

The information posted here is provided by my own “Ijtihad” and search effort on the Internet and by calling friends here in Perth. I am NOT a religious authority. So, please refer to your mosque’s imam or your religious organisation.

Also, view the following video on the issue of moon sightings vs calculations:

Also, follow the link below to see “World Sighting Reports for Ramadan 1427”:

Notice that Australia is NOT on the list yet… and that there is a blank list for 25th of September! (at the time of this posting).

UPDATE(11:30PM On September 23rd): Australia starts Ramadan 25th of September according to moonsighting.com

FYI: According to some of my friends here in Perth, they say that 25th can not be the first of Ramadan because Sha’aban will then be 31 days long which is not possible. I didn’t get any proof from them on that though.

For Bin Othaimeen’s general Fatwa audio file go here:

May Allah Accept your fasting and effort.